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BWRT Training in the South East with Lisa Jury

BWRT Trainer, Advanced Practitioner, Mentor, Supervisor, Author and presenter of a BWRT accredited course for the Institute.

‘If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor’

BWRT Training Generation Z - Teaching Them Resilience

If you didn’t recognise it, that’s a line from a song ‘Sit Down’ by James. The song has been around for a while, since the very early 90’s, and I’m not sure when that particular line, for some reason, stuck with me.

I interpret the whole song as being about feeling very low, and lonely. So, when I began to think about the plight of the younger generation at this moment in time, that was the line that my brain sent to me, encapsulating the essence of what I feel is a major source of the internal discontent that is being experienced by the adolescents of today.

Why I decided to write the Generation Z course?

Since becoming a mentor and supervisor within BWRT, I wrote my own course that I teach to fellow BWRT Practitioners. Which is, as stated above, Generation Z – Teaching them Resilience.

I didn’t set out to work with adolescents, it happened as these things do sometimes, working successfully with one or two teenage clients and things can escalate from there. It was from this experience within my own practice and general observations about the younger generation, with how much they were suffering from an extreme amount of anxiety and depression, that I asked myself the question, ‘why?’

The World Health Organisation statistics are a grave representation in percentage format, that actually equate to the enormous amount of personal suffering that’s happening, for today’s adolescents.

‘Globally, depression is one of the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents’ (WHO Sept. ’20).

The reasons as to why this is happening are many and varied. Some adolescents are always going to be at greater risk due to their environment, living conditions, relationships and dynamics within the family. There may also be life events, trauma, and bereavement that will impact a young person’s mental health.

Multiple factors affecting Mental Health

Multiple factors have come together to create the perfect storm environment in which the younger generation’s mental health has been affected. Including, the world of social media, a rise in their competitive environments with a pressure to compete and succeed, and the differences in parenting, to name a few.
My research into this area took me in the direction of not just concentrating on why many suffer, but why do some come through relatively unscathed? Given the same or similar circumstances, why do some people come through life and have the ability to be remarkably unaffected. This is where the research began and it led to the writing of the course, Generation Z – Teaching them Resilience.


The BWRT Training Generation Z course

The course explores many areas and begins by summarising, who are Generation Z? What are their general characteristics, and what makes them so. It also looks at what is resilience and what are the contributing factors for someone to come through life and to have exhibited resilience.

From there we look at how to help the younger generations be able to cope with life and situations and themselves, in a more productive and healthy way.

This BWRT training course aims to promote inner strength to cope with life’s varied experiences. Life is going to be stressful at times, you cannot prevent that, but what you can do is instil the confidence to be able to process the inner resources necessary, to come through. To promote strength, rather than protect weakness.

‘If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor’, that line as I said earlier, sums up one of the main aspects of life that our youngest generation have no control over, or know any other way to be. They were born with a device in their hands and not only is this a main way to connect with others, remotely, but they are flooded daily with images of others’ lives, of their achievements, their possessions, of their lifestyles.

This is not always a positive influence and can have the damaging effect of leading to comparisons with others, to judgements, or criticisms, bullying, all heightening a sense of inferiority and dent self esteem.

We can’t always change the world, and there are many things which have changed rapidly in the 21st century, for which there is no turning back. We have to look at the impact of this century and then look at the ways to adapt that will be far better suited to having a more content outlook on oneself and life.

We can’t always change the world, but we can change our responses.

Are there any prerequsites for the training?

The requirement for studying the Generation Z and resilience course, is you need to have completed BWRT Level 1.  You can find out more about my course here at the website. The other BWRT training courses that are available are also listed there, including further information about BWRT and the training.

BWRT Generation Z - Teaching them resilience

The Generation Z course is taught online only at the moment. It runs intermittently throughout the year, and dates are announced in advance for anyone interested in enrolling.

The course dates, times and cost are found on the site under ‘Available Courses’. This particular training is an hour per week over 6 weeks. All lessons are recorded if you can’t attend live.



BWRT Generation Z