I have personally had an interest in BWRT right from the very off, when I first heard Terence Watts talking about this new discovery of his. So I’ve seen it grow and develop into the worldwide therapy that it is today. This is now reflected in the massive amounts of various media coverage it’s had, which you can see for yourself on the BWRT Media & News page.

I constantly sing BWRT’s praises from the rooftops. To redress the balance of purely me exalting this wonderful therapy, below I’ve compiled a couple of testimonies from colleagues and fellow BWRT practitioners. They pay tribute to its existence and its influence, who convey, in their own words, the impact that it’s had on them, their work and their clients.

“I have never, in 24 years of clinical practice, come across a therapy that works so fast, so effectively, and so permanently, for such a wide range of psychological conditions” Rafiq Lockhat, Clinical Psychologist.

“As a Clinical Psychologist using BWRT daily with adults and children, I am thrilled and amazed every time. I’m not sure it will ever get old to see the relief BWRT brings!”

“It really is as much as a Magic Bullet that psychotherapy can expect”

“BWRT transformed my practice in such a positive way - once I fully understood it my business snowballed”

This is a quote from Terence Watts himself…

“If your problem was a flashing bulb in a torch, BWRT removes the battery””



When working as a therapist, you don’t always have the opportunity to receive updates and ongoing feedback from the clients that you’ve worked with. This is largely due to the fact that therapy is one of the few professions whereby you know a good job has been done, because you don’t hear from your clients anymore. You are in fact, no longer needed and referred to the rightful place of past memory.

However, word of mouth is one of the methods of ongoing communication that our new digital age has not wiped out. We do pass on many pieces of information and for me this works as a major source for people to find me.

Below I’ve included just a couple of messages from clients that did want to send me an update about themselves, which is always wonderful to hear.

testimonial icon BWRT Southeast

“Just a quick update! Feeling reinvigorated, positive and strong, thank you very much. This could only be described as ‘The Greatest Comeback since Lazarus!"

testimonial icon BWRT Southeast

“In words to describe how I feel as of yesterday: Amazing! Also very positive. You are to therapy what Elvis Presley was to Rock & Roll. A massive thanks for all your help”

This is just a sample of some of the positive changes that you could make to people’s lives who have been on the receiving end of BWRT.

Interested in BWRT Training?

Perhaps you are a therpaist looking for a new and dynamic therapy?  Why not train as a BWRT Level 1 Therapist?  Details of my L1 training course can be found here, and my Generation Z training course for BWRT practitioners may be found here.