About Lisa Jury

BWRT Trainer, Advanced Practitioner, Mentor, Supervisor & Author.  Presenter of a BWRT accredited course for the Institute.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my personal journey into the world of BWRT.

I studied many years ago with the world renowned therapist, author and trainer, Terence Watts, at the Essex Institute which is where I obtained my foundational training. Prior to studying with Terence I was working as a District Nurse, also for many years, and this was based in and around London’s East End.

I remember when BWRT was in its most embryonic stages as Terence Watts, who was and still is, my supervisor, would talk about this discovery of his, which was going to turn the world of therapy on its head, and right from those very early moments it totally captured my interest and imagination.

So much so that I was on the very first training of BWRT back in 2013. Since then Terence has grown and expanded BWRT to be the world class therapy that it is today, and I’ve been there with it, and using it, on a daily basis within my practice, ever since.

Lisa Jury
BWRT Trainer Advanced Practitioner, Mentor, Supervisor, Author
Presenter of a BWRT accredited course for the Institute.

BWRT - A game changer for my practice

BWRT personally took my therapy practice into a different stratosphere. You are able to work with clients not only quickly, but the results achieved speak for themselves. Word of mouth is still the route that most people find me, although the abundance of PR that now surrounds BWRT has elevated it into the world and minds of people not only in the UK, but around the world.

I worked my way through the BWRT ranks and now am proud to have the positions of mentor, supervisor and trainer. I have also written my own BWRT accredited course that I teach fellow BWRT practitioners for the Institute. The course is about our younger generation, Generation Z, and helping them to build resilience.

Due to the fact that I use BWRT daily within my practice, allows me to understand and know this methodology extremely well, and to pepper the training with examples and case studies. I not only talk the talk, I walk the walk.

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